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Tree Services

ATC Arboriculturists Ltd is owned by Andy Chapman who studied arboriculture at the internationally acclaimed Merrist Wood College in Surrey, gaining distinctions in the examinations.

Over the past ten years, Andy has expanded the company and today employs up to six trained staff working from secure business yard premises with access to all the equipment needed to providing a professional service with 24/7 access to an approved composting debris and log site in Oxted.

How arboriculture can help manage trees or large shrubs

There are few professions as varied as tree surgery and we at ATC are asked to deal with an almost limitless number of requirements. In no particular order or priority, the following list includes just some of the main reasons why we may be called to help.

  • Reveal more sunlight or sky space
  • General garden renovation
  • Screening
  • Replanting/planting
  • Dangerous tree
  • Tidy, finish, and/or rectify work of other, less professional tree surgeons, also known as cowboys
  • Deal with trees too near a house or outbuilding
  • Storm damage
  • Disease (‘die-back’ and deadwood)
  • Building work
  • Boundary disputes
  • Ad-hoc or regular maintenance
  • Subsidence
  • Matters relating to building insurance
  • Root problems, e.g. patio upheaval and blocked drains
  • Slight damage, e.g. tree sap
  • Clearing leaves, fruit, needles and other debris for gardens and driveways
  • Poison dangers to persons, pets and livestock
  • Damp
  • Loss of water and nutrients from the surrounding soil
  • Advice and help on tree house construction
  • Garden and land clearance
  • Woodland maintenance
  • Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Orders
  • Security
  • Oversize hedges
  • Cut back lake/river overhangs
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